Becoming a Volunteer

We are recruiting enthusiastic volunteers who would help us work on the Fab Bus We also welcome the input and skills of those that can work from home/office and can be involved in other charity projects of Fab Foundation UK and Inter-Action Social Enterprise Trust such as:


PR, Admin, Management, Fund-raising, Book-keeping, Social Media and Blogging, Designing, Presenting (on the Fab Lab Bus and at Exhibitions), Training for setting up a business, etc.


Working for us can also give you a better chance of getting paid work, improving your career prospects, or getting a place at university by helping you to:


  • get references

  • include volunteering experience on your CV

  • learn new skills and/or¬†practise the skills you have¬†

  • get the opportunity to make new friends with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences



The application form can be found here.

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