Fab Bus

The Maker Bus:
A Fab Lab-On-Wheels (“Fab Bus”)

What is the Fab Bus?

The Fab Bus is a London double-decker bus fitted out with 16 work stations/machines from computers, to 3D printers, to food printers, to vinyl laser cutters and many more.

What are the Fab Bus’s purposes?

To experience the machines or to train on them so you can learn about their uses.

To connect with schools, colleges, universities, businesses and everyone who wants to make almost anything – from signs to 3D printed gizmos to food printing, to repairing almost anything!

Some of the purposes of Fab Foundation UK are to re-skill workers, disabled people,  and former service personnel. Another goal is to encourage girls and young women into engineering and technology. All to train for job opportunities in 21st century businesses.

Where is the Fab Bus based?

The Fab Bus is based at two location in London for seven months a year. It has been fitted out with equipment for experiences and training in digital fabrication, coding, and basic robotics.

The Fab Bus is able to visit GLA locations on weekends during this 7-month period.

The Bus is available to visit any location in the UK during the five months—

June through October.

The schedule about upcoming events is available by contacting us (see below).

Can I hire the Fab Bus?

Yes! You can hire the Fab Bus and our team will either staff it for you


Help you to set up the equipment and show you how to run it.

External Dimensions: L. 10m.; W.2.5m.; H. 4.4m

How can I help?

We are recruiting a large number of volunteers who would help us present the Fab Bus as well as working from home/office on other charity projects of Fab Foundation UK and Inter-Action Social Enterprise Trust such as:

PR, Admin, Management, Fund-raising, Book-keeping, Social Media and Blogging, Designing, Presenting (on the Fab Lab Bus and at Exhibitions), Training for setting up a business, etc.


Contact usinfo@fabfoundationuk.org

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