Fab Bus


Fab Foundation presents FAB BUS

What is the Fab Bus?

The Fab Bus is a London double-decker bus fitted out with 12 workstations and 16 machines, from computers, to 3D food printers, to vinyl laser cutters and many more.

What is the Fab Bus's purpose?

To play with the machines so you can learn about their uses. To connect with schools, colleges, universities, businesses and everyone who wants to make almost anything they can imagine! From signs to 3D printed gizmos to food printing, to repairing almost anything. Some of the purposes of Fab Foundation UK are to re-skill workers, disabled people, ex-servicemen and to encourage girls and young women into engineering and technology. All to train for job opportunities in 21stcentury businesses.

Where is the Fab Bus based?

At the moment the Fab Bus is at Queen Mary University of London where it is getting fitted out with all the equipment. The schedule about the upcoming event is coming soon…

Can I hire the Fab Bus?

Yes! You can hire the Fab Bus and our team will help you to set the equipment and show you how to run it.

External Dimensions: L. 10m.; W.2.5m.; H. 4.4m

Send the enquiry by clicking here.

How can I help?

 We are recruiting a large number of volunteers who would help us present the Fab Bus as well as working from home/office on other charity projects of Fab Foundation UK and Inter-Action Social Enterprise Trust such as:

PR, Admin, Management, Fund-raising, Book-keeping, Social Media and Blogging, Designing, Presenting (on the Fab Lab Bus and at Exhibitions), Training for setting up a business, etc.


The application form can be found here.


For more information write to us on: info@fabfoundationuk.org.

Check us on Facebook to see more pictures!

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