Author: ED Berman
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                  MIT approved: by its Center for Bits and Atoms   The following article is from The 3D Printing Association Newsletter Issue XVI: “There is a part of the digital industrial revolution started by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). To be a Fab Lab now means being...
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We had an amazing time and surprisingly good visit at the Christmas Market at UEL. We are still looking for volunteers, who will help us bring the Fab Lab Bus to all the communities around UK. For more information click here or like us on Facebook!
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The future of 3D Food Printing for professionals and consumers From hype to reality. As with all 3D printing applications and aspects, 3D Food Printing is a huge hype. The 3D printing technology will be fundamental to the way people interact with food in the future. Supermarkets are already testing 3D print customized cakes, restaurants are offering printed desserts....
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