Join Fab Foundation UK
Join Fab Foundation UK

Fab Foundation UK provides:

The benefits listed below will be rolled out in different phases over the first years. 

[For a full list of benefits, including terms and conditions, after reading the summary below, please click here]

  • Advice and supplementary funding for established and aspiring FabLabs
  • Access to the members mailing lists
  • Access to training courses at cost price
  • The option to rent Fab Foundation UK’s mobile FabLab
  • A Fab Foundation UK Advisor who will:
    1. Advise on raising funding locally to help establish the FabLab.
    2. Help develop sponsorship and support from local businesses.
    3. Show you how to help FabLab users gain meaningful employment.
    4. Advise on the viability, in confidence, of products and services developed within the FabLab, in commercial terms.
    5. Advise on developing viable products, services and programmes for different age and interest groups prior to launch.
    6. Assist in obtaining national, regional and/or local grants/funding for new businesses which have emanated from the FabLab.

The cost of membership is £25 per year, plus a £25 joining fee in the first year.

The first ten aspiring FabLabs/Makerspaces in the UK will not have to pay annual dues for the first year,  just the joining fee of £25. 

NB: All members are local and independent: The Foundation has no authority over its members

If you are interested in joining Fab Foundation UK, please contact for further details or fill out our sign-up form.

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